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Tree surgery can be necessary in order to keep trees contained within their location, allow more light to adjacent properties and to improve a tree's aesthetic appearance. Occasionally, the risk of branch or complete failure of a tree may necessitate pruning or removal. Pruning can in some cases reduce the risk a tree may pose to the structural integrity of property and stabilise foundation movement.
Our initial advice to potential clients is with conservation in mind. We pride ourselves in adopting a caring policy by advising sympathetic but effective tree management.
Each of our operational teams comprises qualified and experienced arborists enabling us to offer high quality arboricultural services to our clients.
As a company we are committed to Continuing Professional Development to ensure our operatives and representatives are familiar with the most up to date arboricultural techniques and latest research.
To arrange an appointment for a representative to call and offer free advice and a written quotation, please contact us
Tree Inspections
Tree inspections can be undertaken to assess tree safety and identify potential hazards and diseases thereby enabling clients to fulfil their duty of care.
Buildings Insurance
Pre-mortgage and buildings insurance reports are provided to assist homebuyers, insurers, lenders and other bodies to effectively and quickly assess the potential for vegetation to influence building foundations.
Reports can be either preliminary in nature or supplementary to and in tandem with additional reports prepared by Building Surveyors and Structural Engineers.
Site Surveys for Planning Purposes
We offer pre-planning site assessment and tree surveys to advise developers and building contractors in effective methods of tree protection on development sites and thereby assisting the processing of planning applications.On-site advice and reports provide clients with the information required to assess desirability of trees for retention, provide adequate tree protection during development and advise on post-development regeneration and replacement planting.
All advice is provided in accordance with BS 5837:2005, Trees in Relation to Construction.
Legal Disputes
Trees can arouse strong emotions between potentially opposing parties. In some cases people can be fiercely protective of trees, both their own and those owned by others. This is perhaps because of their size, historical value, or because of sentimental attachments. But in other cases there may be equally heartfelt animosity towards trees and a determination to see them removed or substantially reduced in size. Where disputes arise, The Tree Company can offer a mediation and legal advice service.
For more information on these services or details of our fees, please contact us

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